Who is Willie Pleasants

Willie Pleasants

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Willie and I am an Author, Poet, Producer, Director, Speaker, and Cable show host.

My main goal is to read short stories and poems to encourage reading and to inspire the love of the art.

My first book of short stories and poetry, Ain’t That the Truth, opened the door giving me the confidence that I could actually write, and my second book, Make Truth a Habit, just confirmed that I had found my passion.

These books are comprised of uplifting, and thought-provoking short stories and poems about myself and my friends. The short stories will take you on a journey of true to life experiences. The poems have painted images that leaves my readers mesmerized.

I discovered the love for poetry at an early age, and my favorite poet is Langston Hughes. His words resonated within me. I came to understand how he felt during those troubled times in his life. As a woman of color, I had to endure discrimination, retaliation, lies, and limited promotions in the workplace. My writing has propelled me on a journey of reading and teaching children and adults.

I am a team leader for a Jumpstart program that helps three-to-five year old children prepare to enter kindergarten to succeed with language and literacy skills.

I created and facilitates a class called “Storytelling at Tea,” which is offered as a course for the Osher Life Learning Institute at University of Mass /Boston, Massachusetts and the south shore. I tell stories to provoke thoughts and conversations so that ideas and information can be shared.

I was so intrigued by the idea of being interviewed that I became the producer and host of my own awarding winning cable show called “Willie’s Web,” Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN). I then co-hosted another show called “Authors Without Borders.” Both locations are great opportunities to promote my books as well as helping other authors and artists get known by sharing their journey to writing.  In 2013, I wrote and narrated a short film that was accepted in the Roxbury International Film Festival.

I have done extra work in major films like “Fever Pitch”, “The Proposal,” and “Here Comes the Boom.” Photo shots, commercials and a short film had been narrated by myself – Roxbury International Film Festival, Boston, MA.

I say, “Write, write, and write. Publish your work and share your stories. Someone may benefit from what you have to say.”

You can find some of my shows on YouTube and I’d be delighted to have you connect with me on Face book.

I am available for workshops and speaking engagement if you need an entertainer for your event. Email me for a quote at willieaweb@gmail.com. I have another Website: www.williepleasants.com


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